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The India-UAE Bond


Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

We maintain the freshness and longevity of India-grown veggies and fruits.


Canned and Preserved Foodstuff & Beverages

We export a variety of canned and preserved food items from top-notch brands.


Fresh, Chilled &
Frozen Meat

We retain the freshness of meat in a proper temperature-controlled environment.


Grains, Cereals & Legumes

We ensure all varieties of grains, cereals, pulses, and legumes are quality checked.



We deal with a wide collection of spices coming from various parts of India.


Dairy Products

We dispatch dairy products in leak-proof packaging using a cold-storage facility.

India being the land of agriculture, the UAE entities in the year 2019 announced to invest 7 billion dollars (Dh25 billion) in India’s food sector over three years as part of the UAE-India food corridor project.

Leveraging on this opportunity, we, at ‘Agro-gator’ have committed to bringing quality and cost-effective products to the shelves of the UAE Market.